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About Team Rocket

Team Rocket
Proably teh wurst guild EU

We are a new guild that formed during SoO where we Cleared 10hc in 1 month before taking a break.
We are back now in Wod to raid at a high standard.
Currently pugging Highmaul Hc and searching for players to start mythic raiding.

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by Bigcatunit, 144 days ago

Team Rocket are recruiting for Mythic Highmaul
Currently 7/7hc we need to boost our rooster
for raiding mythic content, currently a 10-15
man strong team we need a tank / healer and
some dps to complete our 20man team and
ascend into mythic.

We formed during SoO and are a close group
of experienced players and friends who
like to have a laugh while raiding and 
don't take much seriously. 

Raid times -
20:00 - 22:30
Wed / Sun / Mon

Current tier exp not needed but preferred,
Being able to use Ts3 is a must,

If your power levels are above 9000 and 
you think you got what it takes please
Contact Me, Topaz or Funitrazepam 
to make an apply Alternatively 
head over to -

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Team Rocket is back AGAIN!

by Bigcatunit, 166 days ago

Back for Hc / Mythic 
After raiding in SoO and smashing it.
Were getting some people back together to start raiding again in Wod.

Raid times + days are
20:00 - 22:30 
Wed / Sun / Mon

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